Volunteers Foundation has started its activities with the intention to just provide a brick wall building nursery and a remuneration and training to the teachers in the nursery. Since then the VF reality has mutated and from 80 children in 2010 we now have 200 in 2017 under our “umbrella”. We try to influence the vast majority of issues that could condition the children’s education. More below…

An improved school building: part of the money raised between 2011 to 2014 was spent on the building project which has been long ago finalised. Together with it a lot more. See below

  • The school now has three class rooms, a kitchen and three toilets.
  • The fund-raised amounts provide and pay for:
    • the food for the St.Monica Nursery and VF Academy
    • education for parents – twice/week
    • the primary school fees – 125 children
    • health checks – three times a year
    • extra tuition for the underachieving children- three times/week
    • youth developments talks – three times/year
    • the exercise books
    • the salaries for six members of staff; at St Monica Nursery – the head teacher, three qualified teachers, a cook and a cleaner.
    • At VF Academy – two primary school teachers, a supervisor and an music tuition teacher for primary school children.
  • The national scholastic curriculum has been introduced