Volunteers Foundation is determined on giving all children in its scheme the continuity and the stability that they need in order to properly achieve.

It takes time to build confidence and relationships within the Kibera community. VF has achieved this and has in place a 5 year plan that gives detailed clarity  on what opportunities will be provided and at what precise time in this time frame. There will be opportunities for the children in first place, the parents and the partnering primary and secondary schools.

  • Any monetary support will help with the objectives for 2015 -2020.
  • The continuous training of the St. Monica Nursery staff
  • Teaching materials and other essentials for the all children
  • The provision of a scholarship scheme that will guarantee St. Monica children to continue their education through primary and secondary schools.
  • The continuous food provisioning introduced in 2013.
  • The continuous health check introduced in 2013.
  • The education for the parents and extra tuition for underachieving children
  • Introduction of Apprenticeship for children aged 16

VF is also interested in receiving hands-on support: for example, volunteers can come with us on our annual October trip to Kibera. Your support will really make a difference to ‘our’ children.